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My starting point...

Back at the beginning of high school, I joined our computer club. I was there just to have more computer time and privileges.... kill time.

I was so wrong though. The members had to have prior basic knowledge of the use of computers and the peripherals. Then, had to pick a computing topic that we would further learn in-depth. This was a drag.

Fortunately, at that time, my father is a web master. So, I picked up a few of his skill set and the basics. When it came to picking a topic, majority of my peers picked IS (information system - basically, Networking). I chose CS (computer science - concisely, programming).

I didn't think too much of it. Just want to do something different from the rest. I was given to learn "Scratch" - the basics of the basics.

At first, I was a bit uneasy learning the blocks of commands. However, as I use the program more, I became very fond of it. I even skipped other classes just to sneak into the computer lab to do "create" the next big thing. I was disciplined of course. But that even made me want to learn more. It was fun.

In my sophomore year, we moved onto something a little more hands-on - "VB" (Visual Basic). This is when I got to learn more about scripts, back-end and front-end developments.... visually basic. I made my first calculator and my first POS. This is when my interest for CS began to ignite. I was really into it.

Going into my senior year, we began learning QBasic and PASCAL. Why those two? I don't know :|

At the end of my high school year, I became very fond of programming.

Currently, these are my focus area:

  • Python (done-ish...still more to learn :) )

  • JavaScript (~69%...nise)

  • HTML then CSS (web)

  • VBA (...just because)

All in all, I want to pursue more in this field.

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